Site Maintenance

As well as designing and building new sites from the ground up, I’m more than happy to perform site maintenance work on existing sites. This could be bug fixes, WordPress plugin updates, backend server maintenance, or anything you name.

Updated with Care

I offer site maintenance services

Updated with Care

At Buster + Punch, where I worked as a full stack developer for 2 years, one of my responsibilities was to perform WordPress plugin updates. On a complex site with many plugins, this can be a potentially site-breaking undertaking if not executed with care. With me, you’re in safe hands.

Open to All Clients

I work with individuals, businesses and agencies; no client is too small or too big. See my portfolio for examples of my previous work, and if you have any questions, don’t hesistate to get in touch.

Freelance web developer and designer Jamie Stinson works with individuals, business and agencies